Contrasting colors

Contrast: The Attention Getter

Using color to draw attention toward something or away from something is a trick as old as the animals.  (Think of the brilliantly colored males of many species luring predators away from their nests and families.)

In the top photo, the yellow of the shades does a few things:

It draws the eye toward the shades and away from the room.  It also contrasts with the rest of the decor, even though it would be considered to be a similar color in the range of the rest of the room.

If you are designing a room that will focus on the restfulness of the chaises, you have missed it, because my attention is first drawn and continues to be pulled by the yellow of the shades. On the other hand, if drawing attention to your shades is your goal, for instance if you are the shade manufacturer, you want your ‘audience’ to notice your shades, your design is a success.

Consider what you are trying to accomplish with your colors and patterns; for instance a tan shade would calm the room more or a deeply patterned shade would compliment the room and draw attention away from an unwanted view of the carpet or furniture that needs to be re-upholstered but might not be in the plans for a few years.

Getting Contrast Just Right  

Like Goldilocks, we like it “Just Right!” and need to consider this when we are designing a space: consider how much contrast we need to turn up the volume or calm it down for the purpose for which we are designing. Too much contrast can quickly cause tension and physically exhaust us. Too little contrast can can make us feel like we are lost in a bowl of oatmeal.

Color contrast is necessary.  It helps us also know the difference between the floor and a step, the window or door and the trim, the trim and the wall. Contrasts, even slight, help define the space we are in.

When designing with color, remember to train your eyes to take a look at the collection of colors, the collection of shapes, as well as the collection of furnishings and fixtures.  When you do that, you enter the world of the artist and can enjoy our work…not only that you have just upgraded your value once again!


Check in to see how you feel when you look at both of these rooms–notice how color and shape reach out to your body and make you feel.

Deco Candy Citrus Spice
Deco Candy Colors  offer lots of contrast but don’t be fooled: it’s also very busy here because of the shapes and the amount of pattern created by the many lines and juxtaposition.
Room by Origami Mobilya
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Mary Jane C. "Mr. Marshall was a delight to work with from the initial contact. He responded quickly to a phone message, even before I anticipated, and was available for a consultation on short notice. That was important because the windows in my house had just been replaced and we wanted new "honeycomb" fabric blinds installed as quickly as possible. He was also available for an early evening appointment, which my husband and I greatly appreciated. Although we wanted the blinds quickly, we also wanted good quality blinds, and he had excellent options from which to choose, along with a good range of color selections. We also had the good fortune of being able to take advantage of a special offer that saved us nearly a $1,000.00 on the blinds we preferred. As promised, the blinds arrived in two weeks, even a couple of days earlier, and Mr. Marshall arranged an appointment to install them at our earliest convenience. Again, as promised, he had the blinds (21) installed in about two hours. We will definitely choose to go to him if we decide to install window treatments, and I gladly recommend his services."
S.Trask Vender promptly called and made appointment to come to home to take measurements for shades. Showed up exactly on time and on day promised. Took measurements and told me they would be ordered and should arrive in about 2 weeks. Called just one week after measurements were taken and said shades were ready to hang. Came out next day to hang them. They fit perfectly and look very nice. He cleaned up any mess from installation and disposed of my old shades. Was able to pay for balance with my master card which is a feature I always look for.
B. Whitehouse This was the second time I have worked with Charlie. He is great to work with. He has a lot of experience. He made suggestions and was very patient with me while deciding fabrics/ design. He installed all of the products (blinds, shutters, and drapes) very well. I had a small issue with the shutter; he resolved it quickly and without problem. I would work with Charlie again and I would recommend him!
Mrs. Gibb After I ordered the product, he called as soon as it arrived, a head of schedule. He than arrived at the scheduled time to installed the window coverings. He was very efficient and pleasant while performing the task. I was concerned about some loose threads and he took care of them and assured me that if in the future a problem arose, the company would replace the panels.
Vicki Miller He was very quick to respond to my phone calls and to providing his service. When he hung the finished draperies he went to great lengths to make sure they were hung with absolute precision! He is not only very skilled and professional but also a very nice man!
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